Moon in a Box

How does one go about putting the moon into a box?

Perhaps with a round mirror,

or a black box with a hole,

or a camera to take its picture so.

Is it water?

If yes,

then set sail a small porcelain cup

atop a midnight lake

to catch the dripping drops of the moonlight nectar.

Or perhaps with a rocket ship

carrying one foldable box made for a Canadian Inuit.

Or simply cross both hands into a perfect square

and lift that high toward the sky.

What is the moon anyway?

Dip it in a glass of milk and take a bite.

Unless the milk is of elephant origin,

then give it to a giraffe named Kiri,

along with a red hat numbered Tree.

But if all you have is a paper box

petite in size,

and unadorned


and trust that it will fit.